Lowongan kerja Asus Global Pte.ltd , Jobs Career September 2013

Lowongan kerja Asus Global Pte.ltd

Lowongan kerja Asus Global Pte.ltd , Jobs Career September 2013

Asus Global Pte.Ltd

Company Overview

In order to expanding ASUS Sales and Marketing organization in Indonesia, we currently seeking for enthusiastic, aggressive and career-minded professionals to join ASUS.

ASUS is the worldwide top 3 consumer notebook brand according to the IDC Q3 2012 report.
And since Q3 2012, ASUS has become Top 2 Notebook brand in Indonesia.

ASUS is the fastest-growing notebook brand in the world (According to IDC Q4 2011 report).
According to IDC Q4 2011 report, ASUS notebooks are climbing the worldwide sales charts at an unprecedented pace and sales outstripping those of companies who once dominated this market.

    The top 1 consumer notebook brand in Central & Eastern Europe.
    The top 2 consumer notebook brand in South East Asia & China
    The top 3 consumer notebook brand in Western Europe.

This rapid expansion is set to continue as ASUS drives forward with industry-leading products that will further extend its market reach and impact.

ASUS is the Most Reliable Notebook Brand in the World
Quality and reliability are hallmarks of what makes ASUS notebooks the choice of discerning consumers around the world. Each notebook is subjected a series of stringent and extreme tests to ensure that they continue to deliver the best performance even under extreme conditions. In an independent Computer Reliability Report conducted by RESCUECOM Industry- leading computer repair experts in the United States - ASUS was ranked 1st amongst the competition, with a score of 1791 a record-breaking 1105 points ahead of its nearest competitor.

ASUS is a global technology leader in the digital era.
We focus on the mastery of technological innovation and design perfection. We’re very critical of our own work when it comes to only delivering consumers our very best.

ASUS - 20 Years of Excellence
Established in 1989, ASUS is a leading information technology company in the new digital era with revenue of US$10.1 billion in 2010. With a global staff of more than 10,000 people and a world class R&D design team of 3000 engineers.

ASUS is the top 10 Information Technology company in the world
ASUS is the top 10 information technology company in the world rated by Business Week USA (The No.1 business magazine in USA) in 2008 and has appeared in the prestigious listing for 12 consecutive years.

ASUS is the No. 1 motherboard brand in the world

    ASUS has shipped out 420,000,000 motherboards since 1989.
    One in every 3 PCs sold worldwide in 2010 were with ASUS motherboards inside.

ASUS is No.1 in Quality & Service
ASUS strives for perfection in all of its products and consistently wins awards for quality and innovation, reflected in our No. 1 rank for product quality and services by the Wall Street Journal Asia.

ASUS receives 3886 awards in 2011
The 3398 awards are recommended by prestige technology organizations and IT journalists worldwide for ASUS leading innovations.

ASUS Green technology
ASUS is committed to innovating for industry-leading greener technology, including the world’s first EU Flower Eco Certification for computers, and the world’s first EuP Certification for portable notebooks.

ASUS' vision the world's most admired leading enterprise in the new digital era. 1989 | Company established. Introduced ASUS Motherboard & Graphic Card 1996 | IPO at Taiwan Stock Exchange (2357 IT) 1997 | Introduced ASUS Notebook & Optical Drive 2003 | Introduced ASUS PDA & Mobile Phone 2007 | Introduced Eee PC, Consolidated Revenue : US$23.2 billion 2008 | Spun Off OEM Business to Pegatron

Product & Services
ASUS is the top 3 consumer Notebook brand worldwide. Top 10 Vendors, Worldwide Consumer Portable PC Shipments, 1Q 2010 Historical Data
Acer Group, 6,218,000 units, RANK#1
HP, 6,141,000 units, RANK#2
ASUS, 3,502,000 units, RANK#3
Dell, 3,219,000 units, RANK#4
Toshiba, 2,886,000 units, RANK#5

ASUS is the Fortune Global Top 500 company. ASUS Group consolidated revenue reach USD$23,2 billion in 2008.

Why Join Us?

Cultures and Values
ASUS Philosophy Inspire, motivate and nurture our employees to explore their highest potential. Commit to integrity and diligence, focus on fundamentals and results. Endlessly pursue to be number 1 in the areas of quality, speed, service, innovation and cost-efficiency. Strive to be among the world-class high-tech leaders and to provide valuable contributions to humanity. ASUS 5 DNA. Humility, Integrity, Diligence, Agility and Courage.

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